Rebar, Forming, Scaffolding, Supplies, Shoring


​Locally owned Tusc Construction Supply (TCS) opened March 2010 with three employees, as a concrete and masonry supply shop. We have grown to 16 full-time and 2 part-time employees. Today, we boast over 90 years of combined experience in the construction industry.


TCS provides sales and rental of scaffolding, forming and shoring and delivers all across Ohio as well as surrounding states.


In 2013, TCS purchased a second location and entered into the rebar fabrication industry. Along with the additional location, we purchased Applied Systems Associates (aSa) software for rebar and CAD drawings.


We are proud members of the Builders Exchange of East Central Ohio, Blue Book and aSa. We are located along Interstate 77, exit 85 (Schneider Crossing) Dover, Ohio. Stop by to visit us today!

Rebar, Forming, Scaffolding, Supplies, Shoring


When you have over 90 years of experience, you gain not just knowledge but wisdom. So here's our promise to you. We promise to give you exactly what you ask for. We're big on accountability - so we don't do excuses. (They're for the incompetent.) We do results.

We're also sticklers for time. If we promise to deliver results or services by a certain day and time, believe that we will keep our end of the bargain. No exceptions. 

Above all, we promise you this - we will treat you like we'd want to be treated. Our self-motivated team is dedicated to giving you top-notch service at all times and under all circumstances. We just wouldn't have it any other way.

Treat yourself to great quality work. Call Tusc Construction Supply today. We treat you how you deserve to be treated.